social butterflies

The sky is lovely shade of blue and almost fluorescent green buds are bursting on tree branches. Swedish winter, like Canadian, really helps you appreciate the spring. Last year living in Spain I can only recall a few moments of sitting in awe of the changing of seasons. This is sad considering a Cordobes spring is a thing of wonder mostly due to the smell of azahar, or orange blossom. I guess ice, darkness and the cold will do that too you.

Juan and I have had some great times during these last few weeks. We had our first wine night, which I believe was a true success! Next time I think we’ll invite more people and make it a bit more international. We also crashed no less than two parties last weekend – a personal best! Friends came over, we went to other friends’ – we have been quite social and it’s good.

Sometimes I get a bit uptight before we have guests (and not all guests, just some). Usually this is because of poor time management which leaves me with wet hair or finding a pile of stuff that Juan has ‘cleaned’ from one tabletop to another. I actually don’t like that about myself. I don’t think real friends care if the table they rest their beer on has dust or not, or if they have to wait a bit before I serve food. I don’t know why I do this but I will be working on it, for both Juan’s and my sakes. 

In June we will have some visitors which we are really excited about. In fact they will be joining us on our trip to Latvia. Actually these visitors are the perfect visitors. I love it when within an hour of knowing a girl she walks into your kitchen and starts taking about what she wants to cook in it. 

Now that I think about it, maybe that’s my problem. I like people to feel like they are in their own house when they visit. I like it when they get up to get their own drinks out of the fridge without asking leaving me to put the finishing touches on dinner. Hmm, yes I think that’s my problem.

3 thoughts on “social butterflies

  1. Haha last you said in your blog sounds so Fun because, despite of living at my home, you ask me when you want a glass of water. So i can imagine you o whoever do that because of not being intrusive, but it´s true, may be it´s better ask before and later suggets to the guest, you can take it by your own-

  2. I’m the same way, Lindsay. I always freak out before having guests (but only some – mostly the ones who have never been over before) – I try to have everything perfect and perfectly clean. I don’t think people care, really, if it’s dusty or not. In fact, I think some people feel more at home when everything isn’t spotless. I also LOVE people to make themselves comfortable and feel free to go in the fridge, as they like. I love that.

    How long have you & Juan been married?

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