Wash, rinse & repeat

Oh the perils of international travel and hair care. Flying all over Europe with only carry-on baggage makes you acquire a multilingual collection of haircare products, take a look:

intn'l haircare
intn'l haircare

It is obvious I have a bit of a penchant for Schwartzkopf products, but I count Spanish, Swedish, Polish and German. Not bad for me if my native language is English! The peach stuff in the middle is even a special formula for Scandinavian hair I thought I’d try. I thought this was funny this morning while in the shower.


3 thoughts on “Wash, rinse & repeat

  1. We bought some when we got to Poland because we had a checked bag, but didn’t want the weight on the first flight – so we could bring it back. I bought the Pantene in Germany and because it’s 100ml I could bring it back. The Spanish is from Spain and the Swedish from Sweden, so they didn’t travel on airplanes yet. Flying with Ryanair and other budget airlines is great, but after a day I find I need conditioner which usually isn’t present in hotel bathrooms. I haven’t bought those little bottles to refill with my own products out of sheer laziness.
    So when you come don’t bother bringing Shampoo and Conditioner – you’ll have your pick!!!

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