Being pregnant and becoming a mom comes with many changes, and not just physically. I’ve been thinking about some of the ways that I do things that I wouldn’t like to continue to do around my child. One of the things that is currently bothering me is plastic. It’s everywhere! I don’t like how it’s used to package and prepare food that nourishes our bodies. Looking at baby stuff almost everything is plastic, from pacifiers, to forks, to toys, to … you name it and you can bet it’s plastic! What happened to the days of metal, glass and rubber?

So, while setting up our kitchen in France I will be looking into removing all plastic from our kitchen. I *might* keep a spatula if I can’t find something suitable made out of bamboo for Juan’s special tortilla de patatas. I still haven’t figured out what I will do for tupperware, but I’m sure we’ll figure something out.

As for kid stuff here are some ideas I’ve had so far are: All Natural Rubber Pacifers, Glass Baby Bottles and Stainless Steel Dishes & Cutlery.

So those are some of the thoughts running through the mind of a new mother.

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