What to wear?

So, the other day I flipped open my reduced priced MarieClaire (thanks Pressbyrån) and I happened to find a really neat article about fashion bloggers. One that specially caught my eye was Gala Gonzalez, a Spanish expat in London. She is an obvious choice for being a stylish person purely based on her work; she’s the creative director for Adolfo Dominguez’s ‘young line’ Linea U. Wow, so why am I mentioning this on my blog? Well, I had an ‘Aha moment’. You see, Gala’s ‘thing’ is just showing you what she’s wearing for the day! I really like her style and she isn’t pretentious at all. Lots of her stuff even comes off the rack from places like Topshop, vintage or second hand (along with the freebees she gets thrown her way by major brands, hello Loewe Amazona bag, mentioned in the article)!

So, why me? Well, I’m currently pregnant and I thought it would be neat to showcase what I am wearing. What I would be wearing later on in the pregnancy really weighed on my mind at the beginning, and now that I know it isn’t such a big deal, I thought I could share. Obviously I am not in any competition to either to sophisticated Gala or the incredibly stylish pregnant Heidi Klum, but I thought I could give it a try!

Without further ado, I bring you: Linchi’s Closet.


So, what am I wearing over my ever-growing bump? Well, let me tell you! Despite my 26w of pregnancy most of it is not maternity! In fact, the only maternity item I am wearing is a nursing tank top I just recently bought from Lindex as it’s more comfortable than most of my bras. Plus, it’s great for layering under non-maternity tops which don’t offer as much over the belly coverage as one would like.

Gypsy market long sleeve T

Lindex organic cotton nursing tank

Gina Tricot vest

Old Navy belt

Stretch Ichi jeans (non-maternity)

Doc Marten boots




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