clothes horse

So this is what my wardrobe is reduced to after packing up stuff for the summer and stuff that won’t fit till after February. Obviously it will continue to dwindle , but now I just need to lug it across Europe for the next few months until we finally get settled into our place in Lyon and wait till the baby arrives.

This is what baby’s wardrobe looks like so far! Neat, eh. Every time I get frustrated or a bit down it’s nice to look at his things! How could anyone be upset holding a onesie? This likely won’t work when he’s having a tantrum in the middle of a mall or skipping school at 14 – but for now it works. My mom was the first to buy baby clothes. It was kind of a shock to go from the idea of a baby in your head to holding a set of his future bibs. I’m not playing with doll clothes anymore!

We leave Sweden on Friday! I still can’t believe it. Yikes!!! Juan just looks at me and smiles though, so I know how excited it makes him. 🙂

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