recuerdos de praha … Tack!

This morning in Lyon it is hot. Our windows are open with the curtains closed. We are drinking water by the liter.  I’m cooling off by looking at our photos from last year in Stockholm, specifically our photos of Prague*. What a great trip that was! I have to admit – I was a bit skeptical of ‘group travel.’ Juan’s colleagues were a fun group of people, but I wasn’t sure we’d still be cool with them after a whole weekend in Prague together. That was obviously a silly thought because we had an amazing time and I’d jump at the chance to travel with them again! Prague 2010 anyone … anyone?

Here were some highlights:

Ah Skavsta Airport! My memories of you are bittersweet. On this particular trip we took the bus and probably pissed of some reserved Swedes singing all the way to the airport. That was just the start of our weekend away!

a guide makes things so much betterMeet Carlos, a friend of Esteban, our Prague guide! This guy did an amazing job of showing us his adopted city and put up with our antics with poise and understanding. He never did come to visit us in Stockholm though. Hmm… maybe we scared him just a bit.

The cause of our craziness might have had something to do with excellent Czech PIVO (beer for the non-czech speakers) – something that wasn’t easily accessible for us in Sweden. (enter the giraffe…)

We had great fun touring around and striking random poses with beautiful Prague as our backdrop:

But not before a serious breakfast with the news (these becarios never stopped working)!

Top model photo shoot:


We did the touristy stuff:

We ate:

We might have snuck on to some trams without the proper tickets, but of course, thanks to the beer, my memory is a little hazy ;)!

And then we went home:

So thanks for the great memories guys, wherever you are in the world !

* also special thanks to Gloria who shared her pictures and took some of these shots. 🙂


I have started a journal which is a little more accesible for a nursing mother like me. That’s my excuse for not writing here and I am sticking to it. I like having a blog, sharing and recording virtually, but I haven’t found a rhythm to make it work in my new life yet. 😦

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