summer eats

Summer is flying by so fast. This weekend we go visit a friend in Cannes and the next we are off to Spain! We will be going for two weeks and I have hopes  it’ll be a great trip filled with family, fun, friends and food. My worldwide favorite festival is happening when we first arrive – the famous Ruta de Tapeo in Cadiz. Oh yum, what delights await us. Basically you get a passport and you fill it with stamps of the different participating bars you visit. Each bar has a menu, tapa, dessert and (this year) tortilla entered – and you can vote for your favorite once you have filled in your passport. For doing that you might get a bottle of wine, I am not sure. Oh I can’t wait!

On the subject of food and Iago, we are excited that soon he will be ready to try out some solids. There are a few more skills he needs to perfect before we strap him into his high chair and let him go nuts with delicious foods like yogurt, bananas, avocado, sweet potato. You see, we  are going to do something called Baby Led Weaning. He will continue to breastfeed (and get his main nutrition from that), but we will let him have a go at discovering food all by himself! We won’t be spoon feeding him or giving him ‘baby food.’ He will have the chance to feed himself- learning to lick, swallow and enjoy food at his rhythm with real food not dictated by some corporation. We expect messes, but that’ll be part of the fun! We will employ the motto food before one is just for fun and not worry if he is getting enough (as he will still be breastfeeding). We want him to try things out, decide what he likes and watch him explore the joy of eating. So, pictures will follow!

More info on BLW can be found here:

PDF brochure:


The Book:


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