et je peux manger :D

yellow zucchini

Iago and I went to the farmer’s market last week and while making a purchase of avocados the seller threw a banana in the bag for the baby. Well, if this wasn’t a sign to start feeding solids, I don’t know what is. (plus, the Dr. gave the go ahead a week ago)

No longer can I call my baby exclusively breastfed. It is kind of  a wonder if he is getting anything out of gumming fresh veggies and fruits after cleaning around his high chair. According to diaper contents, things definitely have gone through his digestive system . Bet you wanted to know that ;). Being a responsible dog owner has helped prepare me so much for parenting. Poop hasn’t been a big deal for a long time now.

So, here is a list of stuff (that I can remember) that Iago has eaten so far:

* banana * yellow squash * green beans * fig * carrots * broccoli * peaches * nectarines * avocado* petit suisse * squashed blueberries * frozen raspberries * and probably more!

Usually how it goes is that I sit him in his chair and offer him stuff that I am using to make meals/ snacks for Juan and I. So far, so good.

I now know that he is pretty good at holding, picking things up with his fingers off his tray, controlling how food enters/stays in his mouth, swallowing and other skills useful in learning how to eat.  Also, my seven month old can use a spoon! Yay baby.

One thought on “et je peux manger :D

  1. HI!!! I didn’t even know you have a blog! I’m sure Jac will get back to you re the baby led weaning, but I wanted to tell you that that’s what I did with my girls. At around 6 months I just started introducing healthy whole foods, at the right texture and if they didn’t like it, I dropped it, if they did, we kept at it. It worked out great! Other than staying away from the few dangerous things (here they recommend no peanuts until 1 year, no honey until 1 year, and no deli meat – which I didn’t ever give them anyway) then I’m sure it will be totally fine! Follow your smart mommy brain!
    Mwah! he is ADORABLE!

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