fashion fun

Ladies & Gentlemen (from, oh, let’s say outside the Iberian peninsula and Italy for good measure). Today you will feast your eyes upon something you have never seen before. A rare fashion phenomenon! I’ll be honest, it is something that might shock you. You might even cry – one little guy did (well, long enough for me to snap a photo, anyway)!


Last chance to turn away!




Here it is:

Do you see it? I’ll give you a closer look:


Only for the brave of heart, oh yes, – Mother/ Son matching tights!!! Remember the cry I alluded to above. Sniff, here it is:

I changed outta the red dress after reading my friend B’s post inspiring me to try knee high socks. Obviously someone isn’t a fan of the matching shorts/tights combo! Hrmff. What do you think, can I pull it off?


Actually, I know what you are thinking. But the cries weren’t from his outfit, look at the love he showed the camera a little later:

Hi there!

Just getting comfy! Sitting up takes a lot of work , you know.

Now that’s a lot better! 😉

I can’t help it, but this picture makes me want to sing- Chayanne – and one song in particular. I first heard that song when I moved to Morocco (over 8 years ago!?).

Did you know that Chayanne’s real name is Elmer? Good job on the stage name, Chayanne.

So, I think that’s it for today, folks. I gave you baby photos, real life friend link love and even a latin music video. I bid you adieu. Me juego la vida por ti …

If you clicked, watched the video (saw the chest pumps at minute 1.24), and still have that song in your head my sister-in-law (she’s awesome) sent me just the website for you, check it out!



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