make your house a home

For me a true home needs:

  • house plants and lots off them!
  • funky second-hand furniture
  • walls painted in colors you have chosen with printed framed photographs of different sizes all over the place
  • a steam mop (how did I not know these existed?)
  • a book on Art History and the Mastery of French Cooking by Julia Childs*

I think we have done alright, Juan and I . We don’t have a house, a couch or even a bed to call our own. We’ve never painted a wall, nor paid to fix a water heater. We’ve rented 8 places together since we’ve been married. That means we’ve weaved (should that be woven?) our way through Ikea stores in 4 different countries (included the largest in Sweden) to buy the bare basics, forever talking about that day in the future where we can buy stuff seriously . **

We’ve never been afraid to take risks. I don’t think that will ever change in us, but now I think we are getting ready to take different kinds of risks. The biggest risk I am taking about is dum, dum, dum … Settling Down. Whew, even writing that was scary.

Juan’s job in France unfortunately doesn’t seem to be a good match for his skills and what he wants out of a company. For almost one year he has worked tirelessly to build a branch office and now that it is moving at a good rhythm it seems like he will be moving on. This is a hard pill to swallow! I had dreams about living out my days eating pastry, having political conversations French while drinking wine, maybe taking a cooking course, and travelling around the country during the weekends.

So, we are off! Maybe we don’t have to leave France, but just maybe we’ll end up striving to achieve the American dream on the North American continent. All I know is that the next house we live in will have at least one houseplant, dammit!


* funny note on that. My Mom has bought me Julia Child’s biography and sent/brought it to me overseas twice! She must have known I’d end up cooking in France one day. Now I want her greatest œuvre .

** Do you know how hard it is to go through Ikea without buying a lot? This was totally a tease. My husband married a good woman, I think.

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