what amazes me about you, babe

I can’t believe you are a year old!

1) You are freakishly strong and love to rearrange furniture.
2) You easily break into a smile for strangers, but are quite serious and studious at other times it’s hard to imagine you are the same baby.
3) You make me a better person. I eat breakfast because of you! I try and make conscious food and lifestyle choices because of you.
4) You are easygoing and roll with the punches. You don’t bat an eye at flying on an airplane or zooming down the Venetian Grand Canal on a Vapporetto. We still have to conquer cry-free car rides, but that I am sure you will do in your own time.
5) You have a strong love of your family and your face lights up when you see someone you adore.
6) You really enjoy citrus! It amazes me because most baby books don’t recommend sour flavours, but your favourite food right now would definitely be orange.

Slightly uncommon here are the origins of your name English and Spanish for the curious.

I really just want to say Happy Birthday Baby! You have changed our lives and we can’t wait for you to continue to amaze us throughout yours.


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