Our casa, sweet casa

So we finally found it, a place we will call home! It only took like 3 months, probably over 50 home visits, and about ten 2nd visits (most of those I dragged my poor father into), two house inspections, one deal down the drain due to paperwork and two multiple bidding wars – the second of which we won! Our realtor says we have earned our honorary real estate licences due to everything we’ve been through, especially being first time buyers. Was it worth it? I think so! This time last week I was freaking out over getting last minute paperwork to our lender, shingles and choosing life insurance. This week I started a herb garden, bought some more picture frames and the IKEA Data cutlery that will make our place feel like home (having used it in the majority of our previous homes). Slightly more zen, eh?

Small from the outside, it opens up nicely on the inside with vaulted ceilings:

vaulted ceilings w/ skylights

It has a large enough kitchen that will shine once we add our touch. There is a wood burning fireplace too! There is a family room downstairs for a tv / playroom, ect. And with four bedrooms, there is lots of space for guests *hint, hint.*

I might not have got the older character home I originally desired, but this is actually a house that could not be beat. The location is perfect for both my longing to meander about town and it’s a quick commute for J to get to work!

In two weeks yesterday we get the keys to our first home. I couldn’t be more excited.

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