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Underneath the Mango Tree, Dr. No

Growing up in Canada I didn’t eat a lot of tropical fruit. I love apples. They are almost a comfort food for me, maybe because they were always readily available, sweet and delicious to crunch into. I also have a deep affinity to berries, fruit of the forest as they say in Spain.

When I was 16 I had the opportunity to go help out in a developing country, the Dominican Republic. At our ‘camp’ we would eat almost ‘al fresco’ with nothing but a roof to shade us from the elements. There were large trees right near the kitchen and one day during breakfast a friend and I noticed a long pole with a basket of picks at the end. It was for collecting mangos! So we tried it out and finally succeeded. Soon sweet mango juice was running down our forearms. We had no idea of how to cut into it, mangled as it was it was delicious.

This weekend my mother and I took a Thai cooking course at a local SW Calgary retail outlet, Kulinary Kids with a Red Seal Chef. I believe their business idea is ingenious, check them out! Let me just take a moment and say how much I appreciate being close to my mom to be able to do activities like this :). Anyway, they night was delicious, inspirational and informative. We made pineapple seafood skewers, green curried chicken and a coconut rice pudding with fresh mango for dessert, all lubricated with a refreshing mango cocktail. Oh, it was fun.

I think the thing I am most grateful to have walked away with most from that night is how to peel a mango. Basically, with a large knife you cut the mango vertically down through the seed crosswise. I wish I could find a video for you. It is a great method. It would have saved me from having to shower after eating that mango in the Dominican. And yesterday, when I saw a box of mangos on sale at my supermarket, I didn’t hesitate to pick them up. Baby and I enjoyed a sweet mango breakfast today, looking at the freshly fallen snow.

I have decided to make a video about the best way to peel and seed a mango (hey, I got time!). I felt the internet was lacking in this department. It is my first video, un-edited, so be warned! It is about 5 minutes long, full of bad knife skills and quite boring. But, if you suffer through it, you will learn and interesting way to get the most out of your mango! ps. put a wet rag underneath your cutting board, it’ll keep it from sliding around like mine did.

Mango Video

This is what I made with my mango:

150 grams Vodka Beet Smoked Salmon
1/2 Fennel bulb
1 cubed mango
cracked pepper to your taste
(optional) red pepper flakes
extra virgin olive oil to mix together

served on a generous bed of quinoa

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