our homes through the years

I can’t believe it. I am sitting in our house. That’s OUR house in case you missed it. J and I have lived in houses all around the world and have enjoyed the features of each and every one.

Our first apartment in Calgary had an indoor pool / sauna / tv room, etc. It was perfect for two newlyweds like us:

Our second place in Calgary was a home built in 1912. It was comfortable and homey. We loved our time in that neighbourhood:

In Conil we had a view of Africa:

(ok you can’t actually see it in that photo, but that sunset is remarkable, no?)
here was our kitchen:

In Lucena we lived in a converted palace, in the attic (here is the shared open air courtyard):

In Cordoba, well we were only there for two months, but damn we had a great housewarming party:

In Stockholm (Lille Essingen) we had the smallest apartment yet, but the design was so creative it felt ten times bigger:

Our second apartment in Stockholm was centrally located near Birger Jarlsgatan (THE street in Stockholm). We also had some fun times there too:

After we left Stockholm we moved to Lyon’s 1st arrondissement. Everything was in walking distance. I’m not sure what year our apartment building was built, but it was old and interesting:

When the time came to leave France we decided on making our future in Calgary. It took some time and a pretty crazy real estate adventure, but we have finally found a cute little home that more than meets our requirements. I can’t wait to use elements of all the places we’ve lived it to make this place truly ours.

(ok, the photos are all jumbled, but I don’t have time to fix them)


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