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Sometimes I feel like I my life has been quite insignificant and perhaps my love of reading memoirs and biographies has a part in that. I always shared the opinion that real life was stranger than fiction and that I had a lot to learn from people who lead interesting lives. The latest biography that has had the most impact on me was Infidel. This book has especially left me feeling especially inadequate, but I can’t recommend it enough. It is the story of an immigrant and the changes she has made in the country she finally settled in. I come from a relatively privileged background and have immigrated to a few different countries. I haven’t done 1% of what she was able to do. Shame on me. Enlightened, I move forward and maybe, somehow I can make a difference in the lives of immigrants to my home country of Canada.

Obviously reading inspires me, and It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time was a perfect light read I just picked up from the library. It mixed travel with cooking, eating and writing! It even had recipes. In a crazy late night reading haze I decided that I had the ingredients and guts to try making a savoury cheese soufflé. I’m glad I did, because it turned out beautifully and I plan to make another shortly. However, if I had read this post by a talented blogger, whose simple recipes always leave me wanting to try them, I don’t think I would have attempted such a finicky dish.

So here it is:

I made a loaf of bread to go with:

With these ingredients:

(garlic, celery seed, chives, sun-dried tomatoes and rosemary)

And of course a salad, with fresh green kale from a farmer’s market:

Oh, it was good. And you can probably tell what is plentiful in my garden right now: chives!

The only thing missing from our meal was a French cheese. 😦

I am always looking for book suggestions. Have you read anything good lately?

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