Well it has been a while since I’ve posted on this dear old blog. Despite being a great source of comfort and connection for my time living abroad it has gone through severe periods of dormancy. Alas no more, I challenge myself. Truth be told I sometimes don’t know why. There are so many great blogs out there by so many more interesting people right here in my own city. I think I crave that comfort and connection that I got out of writing it (and posting the occasional picture) in the past.


So here I am with a bit of free time on my hands, my kids (plural) now giants since the last time there was a mention on the blog, are at school and a dayhome as I am now a working mother. I had not worked for 6 years and this summer I was hired at an airline to work in their operations centre. My goal is to use some of the free time I have now document this phase of our life. One of the perks of working for an airline is the travel thing, and that thing has always been a big thing for me.

this was the baby you might have previously read about here

Current open tabs: airbnb listings for tokyo, fujifilm x series cameras, 36 hours in Tokyo

Yup, we are thinking about visiting the capital of Japan for our first trip! From Calgary it is a direct flight and as long as the loads are good, it should be easy to travel standby. Stay tuned for more info.



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