As luck would have it we had a PD day earlier this week and we weren’t going to let it pass us by. It is not very often that me and the boys get a day to hang out together during the week.

Since grade one has started the questions coming from the back seat of the car have gotten slightly more complicated. You can tell classroom lessons are diving into more subjects and that little minds are continuously working on solving things that don’t add up for them quite yet.

When my five year old said he would like to see what was inside of his body an idea sprang to mind. Our local science museum was hosting a body worlds exhibit. I am pretty sure that I vowed as an adult would never attend an exhibition like that due to my aversion to sharing space with dead people. In fact, I am also pretty sure I adverted my eyes during a recent screening of Casino Royale where one scene is shot in a Body World exhibit. Being a parent will stretch you in ways you would have never imagined and I can successfully say I took my sons to go see what was inside their bodies!

2016-02-01 11.51.16 1.jpg

We got All Access passes and this allowed us to visit the museum, see a show in the dome and view the body world exhibit and it was well worth it. We have held a family membership before, a very generous Christmas gift from the grandparents, but it had since expired. The Creative Kids Museum is always a favourite and my kids could spend hours there, playing with things like gears, magnets and gravity. This time it was the dome show that completely captivated them! We saw the show on planets and it was really well executed. Also, I now have some tools to talk about bones, muscles and the lymphatic system.

2016-02-01 12.03.13 1.jpg











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